A deadline is possibly the most critical element of completing an album. I realized that since I planned to return to southeast Asia with Shane Palko this winter, that it might be nice if I could sell the album I’d been working on the last time I was there… two years ago.

As I rushed to complete the album in advance of our February 2 departure, I realized that I would not be able to create an awesome album release experience for all the great and wonderful people who’ve supported me in this madness. I would only be able to create a mediocre experience, when the task of organizing the show would fall alongside the same month as a week-long business trip, preparing to go abroad, taking on a slew of awesome new students, what turned out to be a pretty crazy snowstorm, oh and let’s not forget, actually getting the album created.

So I’m working on putting together an awesome release party in March, and trust me, as soon as I have a date and location pinned down for real, you guys will be the first to know. For NOW, if you wanna live vicariously through me while I’m abroad, there’s a few ways to do that (listed in order of how likely I am to update):
Facebook (the best!)
Instagram (also great!)
Tumblr (may be more cluttered but I do still update it)
Twitter (mehhh, maybe)
Plus, my e-mail list – I hope to send a weekly summary of what’s going on, with links to cool stuff we did.

I owe thanks to many people for the album, and I’ll continue to acknowledge them, but this is a good place to start:

Shane Palko – for being a good pusher of creative projects, by example and by friendship; for the use of Supermagic Studios; for all the percussion!
Jon Elfers – for recording most of the album!
Pat Mulrooney – for all mixing and mastering and preparation for sending in the album for printing.
Ryan Gingo – for constant support in all the things; for finishing the recording, and especially for the beautiful album art (photo and design!); annnd for his backup vocals
Alyssa Regan, Stefan Wolfe, Cyril Caster, Matthew Halley, Geoff Geis, Sarah Linde, Laura Alexander – for contributing their wonderful musical talents.

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