New EP, “Passport,” released

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Six tracks of eclectic folkyness, FREE, downloadable. Some original, some traditional. Accordions. Concertinas. Mandolins. Dulcimers. Guitars. Violins. Play them in your car. Burn then to a CD and foist them on your friends. Enjoy them. Why? Because I said so.

This EP was recorded in May of this year, just before my musical friend Geoff Geis went over to New Zealand for awhile. (He’ll be back, provided New Zealand doesn’t snatch him up, which, maybe it will?) It’s very DIY – Ryan Gingo recorded it at my house, Sarah Linde plays the violin on the Troika, I mixed it, my sister Betsy’s art is on the Bandcamp page, and that’s all the people who had a hand in it.

I’m very proud to release Passport. It’s wistful, it’s driving, it’s soothing. It’s some of the most evocative music I’ve ever made.

GET IT FOR FREE. No compunctions. If you feel bad about getting music for free, you can:

1) Donate on the Bandcamp page when you download the EP – I’ll send ALL the donations to Geoff so he can keep having awesome adventures in New Zealand.

2) Burn a few CD’s and spread my music to people – family, friends, coworkers, your knitting circle, the ultimate frisbee team, a random stranger…

3) Send me a little note saying that you liked the music. I like it when you like it.

But overall just take this and enjoy it, ok?

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