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I began studying classical guitar with David Pedrick in Oxford, PA, after my first guitar teacher decided that I was more of a classical guitarist at age 12. Maybe I just made him tired because I didn’t like studying music theory back then. Oh well. Subsequently, I obtained a college degree in music in 2008- the official terminology is “Bachelor of Music – Instrumental Performance, with a focus on classical guitar, and a secondary area in composition.” When I entered UNCG’s school of music in 2004, I was actually double majoring in performance and composition, but opted for a minor in environmental studies instead of the composition degree.

I think the word “tumultuous” describes, with fair accuracy, the nature of the post-undergrad world for me and my contemporaries. I found internships with the US Fish and Wildlife Service (as a field biologist in Alaska), with the National Park Service (as a policy/regulations intern in DC), and with Delaware State Parks. I worked for Delaware State Parks from 2009-2012, when I quit to give full reign to my music.

You might say I’ve been throwing paint at the wall to see what sticks. I teach private lessons in Newark, Delaware. I record my own songs and compositions. I write silly educational songs about nature, I write the heartfelt stuff of my personal journeying, the conflict of a heart against itself. I collaborate. I participate in February Album Writing Month. I evangelize about music theory. I take long walks through beautiful natural areas. I play shows, mainly at farmer’s markets, campgrounds, and coffeeshops. Sometimes solo, sometimes backed up by my fellows. Sometimes I back up my fellows. I post content to my YouTube channel. I play the lap dulcimer. I do whatever sounds interesting. And so far, it’s been very, very interesting.

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