Passport (EP) (bandcamp)
released July 25, 2014

Passport is a 6-track EP of instrumental folk tunes, and it is a collaboration with my friend Geoff Geis (accordion and concertina). Sarah Linde joins us on violin for the Troika. Free download.


Your Star (single) (bandcamp)
released July 8, 2014

Originally intended to be part of a 2012 compilation, this fun track was finally released as a single! Free download.


Nature Tunes (EP) (CDbaby) (iTunes) (amazon)
released July 22, 2013

Fun and educational nature songs for the entire family. I’m backed with a three-piece band (Shane Palko, Matthew Halley) and an energetic live audience. Download the entire thing for ~$6.


Snow Day (EP) (CDbaby) (iTunes) (amazon)
released July 5, 2013

Intimate, introspective folk music, made possible by a palette of three perspectives and an arsenal of instruments. Collaboration between myself, Matthew Halley, and Shane Palko. Download the entire thing for ~$6.


From the Rose (EP) (bandcamp)
released September 25, 2012

A collection of my own instrumental compositions and arrangements, primarily for classical guitar. 7-track EP. Free download.


MAwCiMs: Arena (OST) (soundcloud)
released 2012

MAwCiMs: Arena is a game authored by David Bessent. I wrote the soundtrack for it, which is fully downloadable from SoundCloud. Play it here: www.kongregate.com/games/TheDotEater/mawcims-arena


Comfort, Joy, Love, and Snow (LP) (bandcamp)

released December 1, 2012

“Let There Be Snow,” a collaboration between myself and Matthew Halley, is featured on this digital release of holiday music. 33 Christmas and seasonal tracks from local artists, sponsored by 93.7 WSTW Hometown Heroes radio program. All proceeds go to Toys for Tots.


A Diner Club Christmas (LP) (bandcamp)
released November 22, 2011

The “diner club” is a loosely-defined collective of musicians in and around Newark, Delaware. We recorded a Christmas album. It was pretty fun. I sing “the holly and the ivy” pretty dang badly. BUT I DID IT. So here it is. I also play various parts on O Come O Come Emmanuel, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, Angels We Have Heard on High, and Go Tell It On The Mountain. The hard copy had more tracks available than the digital release to Bandcamp. Free download.


Emerging – Shane Palko (LP) (iTunes)
released 2014

I sing backup vocals on track 1, “Oh No, Hello,” track 3, “Anarchy of Needs,” track 4, “Dollar,” and track 11, “Back.” I play the flute on track 5, “Imaginee (All Along, The Watchtower).”


Soul – The Honey Badgers (EP) (bandcamp)
released November 15, 2013

I sing backup vocals on track 1, “Apathy At Its Best (I Got Soul),” and track 7, “South of the Border.”


Tragedy – Bakin (LP) (bandcamp)
released April 2, 2013

Geoff Geis (accordion), Sarah Linde (violin), and myself (uke) play the intro to track 1, “Zimbabwe.”


Good Times – Shane Palko (LP) (iTunes)
released 2012

I sing backup vocals on track 3, “Should Have Known,” and I play the second guitar line on track 10, “Ugly Coat.”


Lilacface – Rachel Schain (LP) (iTunes)
released 2012

Backup vocals on track 3, “Rockstar, Bitch!”, and track 9, “Liam’s Song.”