Want to learn that sweet fingerstyle lick? Write your own songs? Get under the hood of your favorite music with some theory and ear training?

I’m a classically-trained guitarist who teaches guitar (classical/folk/fingerstyle/rock), electric bass, ukulele, lap dulcimer and its upright forms, banjo, mandolin, and heck, does it have frets and strings? Let’s do it!

My goal is to train musicians who can set and achieve their own musical goals. I focus on developing my students’ performance ability as well as their understanding of musical concepts.

I teach online via Zoom. I find that online teaching is a great way to unlock all the technological benefits of our modern age. Also, it cuts down on your commute time by 100%!

My rate is $25 for a 30-minute private lesson with a single student.  Please tell me about what arrangement works for you — I’m open to teaching in a group configuration, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, weekly, or every other week. E-mail me at emkeevmusic@gmail.com to get a quote from me!

Lesson enquiries: